Here we go!

The last two weeks have been more difficult than I anticipated. There were a lot of bittersweet feelings as I said good bye to my students, co-workers, and friends. We had “last visits” to some of our favorite places. We stayed up late, packing and sorting. I spent my days running ridiculous errands … and packing and sorting.

Finally, our last day in Texas arrived. We ran around doing all the last minute things we had left over. We brought the rest of our stuff to storage. We sold both of our cars. We shipped 9 boxes of clothes and other things. We crammed the rest of everything into our checked and carry on bags. We were still 6 lbs over at the airport.

So here we are. Waiting to board. Waiting to get on the plane so we can maybe get a little more sleep. (Yeah right.) Waiting to fly half way around the world and begin this amazing experience.

Ranger Duck and all his luggage

Ranger Duck and all his luggage

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