Blog Building/Maintenance

Please bear with me!

When I started blogging, I had every intention of sharing our year as expats with our family and friends.  We have been doing that, and we have loved having feedback from so many of you!  But then something unexpected, kind of cool, and a little scary (good scary) happened.  People I don’t know started following the blog.  So here’s my big secret:  I don’t actually know how to blog.  Since this seems to be something people are interested in reading, I figured I better get with the program and learn some things!

I signed up for a Blogging 101 workshop, which is designed to help you build your blog from scratch.  Well, I’m a little late to the party on that one!  So as I tackle the assignments and learn more about how to maximize the features available to me, I might be changing or revamping things on here.  Actually, let me rephrase that, I WILL be changing and revamping things as I learn more about what the platform can do and what I can do with it!

I’ll still be posting about our KL adventures in the meantime, but probably with some extra Blogging 101 assignments here and there.

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