Dream Reader Challenge

So I mentioned I enrolled in this Blogging 101 course; we get an assignment every day that is designed to help us learn how to do something.  Sometimes the assignment is to write a post, sometimes it’s to do something specific.  For example, yesterday our assignment was to find 5 new blogs and 5 new topics to follow.  Today’s assignment is “write a post for your Dream Reader and include a new-to-you element.”

I started this blog to share our expat adventures in Kuala Lumpur and beyond.  At the beginning, my only dream readers were our family and friends.  I know our parents read it and I know several of our close friends read it, so mission accomplished!  I thought about not participating in the challenge today, but I decided that the real goal of this course is not only to complete each assignment but also (mostly?) to learn how to use the tools available to me and to stretch myself as a blogger.  If I skip challenges that I think I already know how to do, then I am cheating myself out of learning something.  If I skipped today, I wouldn’t have a chance to try a new trick!

I decided I would address this post to the people in the “blogosphere” who have found my blog and are reading it and/or following it.  In a way, you all are my true dream readers.  Our family and friends are obligated to support us, or else they wouldn’t hear from us for a year.  But you all…you have made an active choice to read what we write!  I’m truly touched you think it’s worth reading.  I’m glad you stopped in, it’s nice to have you here!

Here’s what I hope you’ll find in this blog:

If you’re an expat yourself, I hope you find a shared experience.  No matter where you start and where you go, moving away from your home base can be difficult.  The daily rhythm to life is different and you have to adjust to it- like spending so much time in malls.  Tell me what it’s like where you are and what are some things you’re getting used to!

If you’re a traveler, I hope you learn a little about what it’s like to be a tourist in Kuala Lumpur (and where ever else we go).  Maybe you’ll decide that KL seems like the place for your next trip!  Or maybe you’ve already been here and you can reminisce about your experiences.  Tell me what you loved, or where you’ve been.  We want to travel around Southeast Asia more, do you have a recommendation for a great place you’ve been?

If you’re not a traveler, whether it’s because you are a homebody or it’s not in the cards for you for any reason, I hope you get to experience KL through our eyes.  Tell me what questions you have about what we’re doing/thinking/feeling.

Actually, I think that’s what I hope any reader finds here.  I hope you all get to experience KL through our eyes.  So, Dream Reader – family, friends, or internet readers – thanks for coming along with us on our amazing adventure!

And now, for my next trick!

I wasn’t sure what “new-to-you” trick I would try.  In looking at the list of instructions for how to use various new elements, I decided to try to embed a map.  I had been thinking about making a new page with a map, to show the places where we travel.  Since we’ve arrived, we haven’t traveled outside of KL.  But we have big plans!  Besides following our pictures and adventures, now you can also check out the map on the Road Trip Page.

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