Ranger Duck Weekends: Cambodia Edition

My humans took me to Cambodia, to see the temples in the Angkor Wat area.  We had a great time!  I finished editing my photos before my humans finished theirs, so I win the race and get to share first.

Our first day, we went straight to the hotel from the airport.  We enjoyed lunch poolside while the humans planned the rest of the weekend, then we went downtown to check out the night market.  I thought the night market was fun, but I didn’t take any selfies there.

The second day, we got up early to do the “small tour” which includes Angkor Wat, where we went for sunrise.  Then we went to Bayon, the temple with the giant faces; Ta Prohm, the temple featured in Tomb Raider; and Prasat Kravan, which was really small but uncrowded.

The third day we did the “grand tour” which included basically the rest of the temples in the area.  We packed in a lot!  We finished with sunset over a beautiful landscape.  I liked this part of the day best because one of the other tourists saw my humans taking my picture and wanted to take his own picture of me.  It was exciting to be the star of someone else’s vacation photos.  The worst part of the day is when my humans dropped me and left me alone.  I was starting to think about flying back to KL when they came to rescue me.  Whew!

We had big plans for our last day, but my humans were “tired” and opted to just relax at the hotel before our flight.  At least I got to swim!  And they let me sit in the tuk tuk by myself before we went to the airport.

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