Angkor Wat at Full Speed


Angkor Wat at full speed

Last week’s photo challenge was BlurI immediately knew what photo I’d use.  I’ve been planning to participate all week, and this morning I noticed that this week’s photo challenge has been posted.  Oops.  So, a week behind the times, I present my contribution.

When you visit the temples in Angkor, one of the “must dos” is to watch the sunset.  This photo was taken with an iPhone 5 from the back of a moving tuk tuk after we had seen sunset at Phnom Bakheng.  We knew it would likely be our last look at the famous Angkor Wat as we were leaving the next day and couldn’t resist taking a few last, quick photos.

Angkor Wat, built in the early 12th century, stands timeless as history continues to move around it.

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