Ranger Duck Weekends: Penang Edition

As we are counting down the weekends left in Malaysia, I convinced my humans to take me to Penang for the weekend.  It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site for the colonial architecture, and there is some really cool street art.  One of the more popular installations is this bicycle.  It’s a real bicycle, inserted into the wall, and two kids are painted riding the bike.  When we went by early in the day, there was a huge line to take your picture with it.  We opted not to wait.  When we went back in the evening, the line wasn’t so long.  My human waited in line and when it was her turn, she put me on the bike and stepped back.  About a dozen other tourists who were waiting for their turn took my picture, too!  First in Cambodia, now here:  I am starting to be a real international celebrity.  I’m thinking about starting my own hash tag.

Bike riding on Lebuh Armenian

Bike riding on Lebuh Armenian

Here are some other photos from my weekend adventure to Penang!

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