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Here we go!

The last two weeks have been more difficult than I anticipated. There were a lot of bittersweet feelings as I said good bye to my students, co-workers, and friends. We had “last visits” to some of our favorite places. We stayed up late, packing and sorting. I spent my days running ridiculous errands … and packing and sorting.

Finally, our last day in Texas arrived. We ran around doing all the last minute things we had left over. We brought the rest of our stuff to storage. We sold both of our cars. We shipped 9 boxes of clothes and other things. We crammed the rest of everything into our checked and carry on bags. We were still 6 lbs over at the airport.

So here we are. Waiting to board. Waiting to get on the plane so we can maybe get a little more sleep. (Yeah right.) Waiting to fly half way around the world and begin this amazing experience.

Ranger Duck and all his luggage

Ranger Duck and all his luggage

This Nomadic Life

T-32 Days

Back Story:  We left Austin a year ago and moved to the DFW area.  We knew we would go overseas for M’s job at the end of the year, but other than the broad category of “ASIA,” we didn’t know where specifically we would go.  In May, we found out we will be spending the next year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  The property managers declined to renew our lease for two months, so we moved out of the house we were renting at the end of June.  We moved in with a very loving family member who offered to host us for July and it has turned into hosting us for August also.  99% of our things are in storage.

At The Moment:  We are in the process of deciding what we are shipping overseas, what we actually don’t need/want, and what we are packing with us.  The final “Do I think I’ll want this in the next year?” decisions are more difficult than I expected.  Currently, I am trying to decide how many of my 3 pairs of skates I want.  All of them?  Do I think I’ll do hockey coaching, or can I leave those behind?  Will I make time to pick up my own skating again?  Should I bring my “skating” skates?  We shall see.

Still To Do:  We don’t have plane tickets yet and we don’t know where we are living.  These final, huge steps are left to M’s employer.  We are supposed to be provided furnished housing.  I assume that’s being arranged, though we haven’t heard any specifics.  Hopefully we will at least be able to check out the new digs on Google Street View before we go.  As for the plane tickets, we have a departure date, but not received the OK to make plane reservations.  I’m trying to be zen, because The Employer is paying for them.  It isn’t our money, so it shouldn’t matter how early we purchase the tickets.  But it would be nice to have that taken care of.

One final detail we did manage to handle this weekend:  Start a blog.