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Ranger Duck Weekends: Panda Flash Mob Edition


My humans heard about this “panda flash mob” and dragged me to it.  Someone set up 1600 pandas near Merdeka Square to bring awareness to panda conservation.  Apparently 1600 is close to the number of real pandas left in the wild.  1600 was not a very impressive number of these toy pandas, and I was sold on the need for conservation.  But no where was there a place for a) more information or b) an opportunity to make a donation.  Actually, it was less that there was not more information available, but no information at all.  Without having seen the event on a “weekend happenings” page, my humans would not have known what all those pandas were doing in the middle of the road at all.

Their Facebook page is all the information I could find on The Google, no website even.