Pengembara is the Malay word for wanderer or traveler.  In August 2014 my  husband and I moved from the Dallas, Texas metroplex to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for work.  Then, in June 2015 we moved back to the Dallas area.

I wrote about our observations, our adventures, and all the rest of our experiences as expats in KL.  Now I write about our new life as parents as well as the ever-popular theme: “things I think about.”  More travel writing in the future, though we are on a travel hiatus until TK (our son) gets a little bigger.  We also enjoy participating in photography challenges.

Welcome!  Selamat datang!

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  1. rodi (Rob and Diane)

    Awesome to find a blog about the place we hope to call home. I recently lost my favorite forum, dedicated solely to Penang, due to the administrator being kind of a jerk and I feel helpless now. I tried “Expat Blog.com” and found that one guy seems to be the resident expert on everything in MY, responding to everyone with 20 paragraph posts, all cynical, If he hates it so much he should leave, So I really need a new dose of encouragement. Thanks for the award nomination and please spread some good news to The Experimental Exapts !!


    1. kspoints Post author

      We feel very lucky that my husband’s employer has handled a lot of the details of our relocation. It’s also different for us since we are “only” in KL for a year- this is just a temporary adventure rather than a wholesale relocation! I have similar feelings about Expat Blog, it’s nice to connect with others and learn from their experiences, but I didn’t find it hugely practical. I’ve liked it more since I’ve been here. Another site I’ve used a little is Internations.org. I don’t know if they have a Penang contingent or not, but it might be worth looking at! They have various social events and get-togethers. We haven’t been to any of them, but it’s nice to know that we could! I know of a few other bloggers who are in Malaysia, but I’m not sure I know of any in Penang. I have found category searches for “expat”, “Malaysia”, and “KL” to be great ways to find other bloggers. If you’re looking for other Penang folks, that might be one thing to try.


  2. rodi (Rob and Diane)

    Thanks for the input. We are members of InterNations and will try to participate in their get-together gatherings once we arrive. Sadly, they want a fee for most of their services which kind of puts them in the same boast as International Living in my book. We also love Expat Malsyais.com as a source for news, information, classifieds etc. I believe residents are entitled to free subscriptions.



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