A Moment of Zen with the Butterflies


I finally participate in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge on time, instead of at the last minute!  Here I present my contribution to Motion.

We finally made it to the KL Butterfly Park.  The Tun Abdul Razak Heritage Park, colloquially known as the Lake Gardens, includes a lot of different “sub parks”- like the Bird Park (also, see where I wrote about it), the Perdana Botanical Garden (which also includes the Hibiscus and Orchid gardens), the Islamic Arts Museum, as well as a few other museums.  We’ve explored a lot of these parks and museums and somehow hadn’t seen the Butterfly Park yet.  We had a free weekend last weekend, so we finally made it there!

Inside the park, the mood was quite and contemplative.  We wandered around enjoying the sounds of the water fountains and the bright color splashes of the flowers and the butterflies.  Even through the heat and humidity of Kuala Lumpur, it was relaxing to spend some time with these little guys.

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